My Other Life

Thomas C. Danisi began his writing career as an English major and graduated from St. Louis University in 1973. A native of New York City, he returned to the metropolitan area and worked in a publishing company, but a sense of adventure beckoned him to St. Louis. Upon his return two years later in 1975, he bought a dilapidated house in historic Lafayette Square.

Within a year of living in the house, he got the bug to research its history and to find the date when it was built, which took eight years. In 1977, he started his own business under the name, T. Melodious, Inc., which, as an audio/video design company, enabled him to split his time between working for clients and to spend time researching history. In the intervening years and up until the present day, Danisi has been intertwined with advances in technology that have revolutionized the study of history with the use of new tools from typewriter to computer and internet retrieval. Being in that same field, he has also experienced radical leaps forward: from record player to CD to computer audio streamed through wireless networks.

Danisi says that he is the only person he knows that is regularly diving into the past and racing into the future, simultaneously.