PUBLISHERS WEEKLY, January 16, 2012

“Don't look for the story of Lewis and Clark's exploration of the Northwest Passage here--Danisi has already published a biography (Meriwether Lewis, with John C. Jackson) and myriad articles about Meriwether Lewis and the Lewis and Clark Expedition, and this book is an extension of his expansive and thorough investigation. His newest, however, focuses specifically on the contentious events of Lewis's life, from the 1795 court-martial of the 21-year old ensign (the handwritten transcripts of which Danisi consulted in toto, revealing information otherwise unnoticed by historians content to peruse the National Archives summary), to the intermittent and debilitating pain inflicted by malaria contracted the same year, to the desperate fiscal disaster of his governorship of the Louisiana Territory and the mystery surrounding his death. Danisi provides facsimiles of various documents, such as Lewis's journals, medical reports, and more. The research is so extensive that the copious notes and appendices comprise half of the volume. History buffs will find this book invaluable for its impeccable research, attention to detail, and readability. Illus. (Jan.)”