About the Book:

Danisi extends his groundbreaking studies of Meriwether Lewis with this compilation of historical essays that offers new findings based on recently discovered documents.

Danisi tackles such intriguing subjects as: 

  • The court-martial of Meriwether Lewis. Danisi’s discovery of the astonishing never-before published transcript of the entire 1795 court-martial proceedings. 
  • Documentation straight from the medical ledgers of Dr. Antoine Saugrain, the physician who treated Governor Lewis, that helps to confirm that Lewis suffered from malaria, an incurable disease at that time.
  • Documentation that proves the true nature of the much-discussed Gilbert Russell Statement given at the court-martial of General James Wilkinson.
  • The role of Major James Neelly in Lewis’s last days, which has gained much prominence through the History Channel. Danisi has found contrary evidence to prove what really happened.

Danisi presents an abundance of additional material to fill in previous historical gaps regarding the mysteries and controversies surrounding Lewis’s life and death.

This superb contribution to Meriwether Lewis research is a must-read for students and scholars of American history and anyone with an interest in one of our nation’s most important explorers and public servants.